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This Texas Law Firm Believes Everyone Deserves Competent Representation

After receiving his Juris Doctor degree and his license to practice law in the State of Texas, Jim Ross continued his long tradition of service by representing individuals and companies throughout the Dallas Fort Worth Metropolex (DFW) and nationwide. Prior to establishing his law firm in Arlington Texas, Jim supervised local offices for a couple of the country's most prestigious law firms in Texas and New York. Jim's experience as a Marine, Texas Police Officer and DEA Task Force Officer has prepared him to serve justice and defend the rights of all people, even through situations of intense high-stakes conflict. This experience has developed Jim's passion for justice and provided him and his team with the motivation to aggressively represent the legal interests of our clients.

Jim Ross & Associates operates upon the philosophy that all people deserve representation. It's the Texan way, and part of the American spirit. It's often said, "no man is above the law" and in America, that's the truth. Jim Ross & Associates is the Arlington Texas Law Firm that understands principle is what matters most, and the law is a reliable and stable means to defending that principle. In every case we listen carefully, offer trustworthy counsel, and aggressively fight for the rights of our clients. Our clients are our passion!

If you have questions regarding any legal concern, whether it be a criminal case or civil matter, don't let cynicism keep you from asserting the full breadth of your rights. Give Jim Ross & Associates a chance to prove that the justice system can work for you. We are ready to listen. Call us at 817-275-4100 to schedule a free consultation.

"Everyone deserves competent representation."
- Jim Ross

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