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Work Accident Lawyers: Fighting for Restoration after a Workplace Injury, On Your Behalf

What happens if you've been injured on the job and your employer refuses to understand, pay your medical bills, or even give you time off to recover? Fighting a workplace injury battle directly with your employer can be a frustrating experience without a knowledgeable and competent work injury lawyer to represent your claims on your behalf. Jim Ross & Associates P.C. represents injured workers, helping them receive the compensation they deserve while protecting their rights and dignity as hard-working employees.

Work Accidents Can Happen in Any Profession, in Any Workplace

Construction workers sustain more injuries and on-the-job fatalities than any other profession, but workplace injuries are not limited to industrial accidents. Work injuries in office or retail settings are surprisingly common, as repetitive motion can cause tendinitis and carpel tunnel. Retail delivery persons injured while driving on the job are entitled to compensation regardless of whether the car accident was their fault. Other types of worker injury cases might include:

  • Fall From Heights -- Falling from ladders, roofs, or elevated surfaces
  • Lifting Injuries -- Back, knee or other musculoskeletal injuries from lifting
  • Burns -- Often from exposure to hot liquids, steam, or cooking surfaces
  • Slip and Fall -- Falling from a level, slippery or unsafe surface
  • Compression -- A body part trapped or compressed in or between a piece of machinery
  • Hit By Object -- Common in construction, being struck by a piece of machinery can cause concussions, broken bones and internal injuries
  • Automobile Accidents -- Any traffic accident occurring while on the job, including trucking accidents
  • Carpel Tunnel -- A potentially serious condition caused by hand-intensive work such as housework, or typing
  • Repetitive Motion -- An injury from strain due to repeated
  • Toxic Exposure -- Medical conditions caused by toxic exposure at work

  • If you've been injured on the job, schedule a free consultation with Jim Ross & Associates P.C by calling 817-275-4100.

"Work Injuries Shouldn't Leave You Out of Work & Out of Pocket." - Jim Ross